Through the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA) partnership’s collective efforts, ABIA is rapidly becoming a model for our nation’s future, with the simple idea that the patient is at the center of everything we do.

Simulation Center
ABIA’s 30,000-square foot Simulation Center offers an advanced collaborative space where pioneering technologies and methodologies are tested and used to improve the performance of the provider teams and early responders. The facility is a combination of research, product development and training space unique to Ohio. On site, the center offerings range from a mock hospital with fully configurable bays and command stations to a distinct cadaveric lab to standardized patient rooms. With the only mobile training unit in Northeast Ohio, the center is able to take its high-quality, immersive healthcare training to various locations.

Education and Training Courses
ABIA is establishing a nationally recognized model for simulation-based education and training programs. We focus on education of the entire healthcare team, to improve the delivery of care and to increase disaster preparedness within healthcare institutions. ABIA currently offers the following education and training programs:

ABIA also offers several programs for middle school and high school students such as, Best Medicine and the BioInnovation Academy. The goal is to inspire students to explore the world of medical device development, community health improvement and entrepreneurship. Students have the opportunity to experience simulated patient care up close by working in the institute’s simulated hospital complete with triage, nursing, surgical, intensive care and emergency and operating rooms.