Introducing the BioInnovation Academy

The Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA) is proud to announce its new educational initiative – the BioInnovation Academy, beginning this summer.

This week-long, totally immersive summer program focused on innovation and biomedicine is for high school students, grades 10-12, interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine.

The BioInnovation Academy is designed to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers and medical professionals by encouraging critical thinking, problem solving skills and community outreach.  The Academy’s curriculum concentrates overall on innovation incorporating all five centers within ABIA.

Download the flyer here.

What will students experience?

Students will:

  • have the opportunity to observe various clinical scenarios through ABIA’s Center for Simulation and Integrated Health Education with the aim of identifying patient centered problems
  • work in groups to solve the problem in two separate tracks – Devices and Public Health
  • present their solution and prototypes at the end of the program in front of an audience of their peers and their parents
  • gain a toolkit, with which, they can create either
  • prototypes of their solutions through ABIA’s Medical Device Development Center or
  • design public health intervention programs through ABIA’s Center for Community Health Improvement

What skills will students gain?

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) certification
  • Knowledge of how to design and prototype medical devices along with brainstorming techniques
  • Insight to designing public health intervention programs targeted at specific disease states
  • Skills on presenting innovative solutions in a business setting

What’s the difference between each track offered?

The BioInnovation Academy offers two different tracks for students: device and public health.

  • Public Health Track- Students will design an public health intervention program, learn how to access public data and work with basic information to develop a social science or public health research question.
  • Device Track- Students will learn about solid modeling and how to prototype or engineer their solutions to medical problems.
  • Both tracks will learn brainstorming skills to help them create solutions, receive an introduction to clinical problems facing health care today and learn about innovation.

When will the BioInnovation Academy take place? 

ABIA will offer the BioInnovation Academy twice throughout the Summer of 2013.

  • Session 1: June 17-21
  • Session 2: July 15-19

Submission Information

How to apply?

1. Download and fill out the BioInnovation Academy Application Form here
2. Send in two Letters of Recommendation along with your application

  • The first letter should speak to your academic performance.
  • The second letter should speak to your entrepreneurial qualities.

Applications are due to the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron by April 30, 2013.  Applications must be post-marked by April 30, 2013 in order to be accepted. You may send your application in via ground mail or by fax.

Mail applications to:
Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron
47 N Main St.
Akron, OH 44308
Attn: Elizabeth Barber, BioInnovation Academy Application

Fax applications to:
Attn: Elizabeth Barber, BioInnovation Academy Application

Tuition Information

The cost of the academy is $750 and will be due at the time of registration. If you wish to learn more about scholarship opportunities and information on how to apply please email*

Applicants will be informed of their enrollment and how to register online by May 15, 2013, via email (to the email address(es) provided on their applications) and will have until May 31, 2013, to complete the registration process.

*Information on scholarship opportunities will be posted as they become available.