Biomaterials for Medicine

Providing Biomaterials Expertise to Advance Everyday Health

Akron, Ohio has been home to polymer science research and engineering for over 100 years. Apply that experience to medicine and you’ve got the premier center for biomaterials research in the world — right here in Northeast Ohio.

Austen BioInnovation is making a significant impact on how polymer and biomaterial research and development affects everyday health. Our team — comprised of leading experts in polymer and biomedical engineering, physicians and researchers — works collaboratively to bring innovative medical solutions to market.

Austen BioInnovation research teams focus on three key areas of Biomaterials Solutions for Medical Applications:

  1. Biomaterials for orthopaedic and wound care applications, such as a gel that helps patients recover from eye surgery and reduces complications that could lead to blindness;
  2. Polymers as coatings for implanted medical devices, like those used in hip replacements; and
  3. Polymers combined with growth factors or seeded with cells to generate and repair tissue.

In partnership with the University of Akron, an international leader in polymer education, research and development, Austen BioInnovation created the Akron Functional Materials Center (AFMC) to evaluate the technology readiness level of research discoveries and new polymer materials. The AFMC’s six technical working groups include: nanomaterials, complex fluids, biomaterials, adhesion, membranes and automation. The Center addresses the translational needs of the medical community by providing the combinatorial expertise, infrastructure and facilities to optimize polymer and biocompatible materials for clinical use.

Austen BioInnovation also leads The Ohio Biomaterials Product Acceleration Program, a state-wide, industry driven initiative utilizing a nationally recognized approach to product development and commercialization to energize competitiveness in Ohio companies.

The Program reinforces Ohio’s economic development engine by:

  • Providing critical support to industry to advance the materials capabilities and product development;
  • Enlarging commercialization-focused system that helps both emerging and large industry companies find new and expanded market pathways;
  • Fostering relationship building and access to potential solutions for identified product problems through an industry-driven council; and
  • Growing Ohio institution’s technology commercialization processes and supply chain linkages.

What We Offer

  • Deep expertise in polymer and advanced materials
  • State-of-the-art analytical equipment and processing capabilities
  • Open innovation collaboration spanning industry, academia and clinical expertise
  • FDA collaboration focused on regulatory science for novel biomaterials
  • Talent development for biomedical applications