About Us

We Advance Value-Added, Patient-Centered Healthcare Solutions

At Austen BioInnovation, we bring together the best minds and the most creative thinkers. Working together, we take a completely patient-centered approach to the challenges facing healthcare today. We combine entrepreneurial spirit with scientific innovation to achieve powerful results.

The challenges facing healthcare today are numerous and complex: increased regulation, skyrocketing costs and difficult-to-treat diseases, just to name a few. So many good ideas and solutions become casualties of the system. As a result, the ultimate goal of providing the highest-quality patient care is all too often compromised. But what if there were a place that could cut through the bureaucracy? That could bring together the best minds and the most creative thinkers and take a completely patient-centered approach to these problems?

Austen BioInnovation — an exceptional collaboration of Akron Children’s HospitalFirst Energy, the Knight FoundationSumma Health System and The University of Akron — was founded to do just that.

This strategic alignment of institutional, state, federal and philanthropic support, accompanied by Akron’s rich legacy in industrial and materials science, is working to pioneer the next generation of life-enhancing and life-saving innovation. We have assembled a community of some of the best experts in the world — including polymer scientists, biomedical engineers, physicians and healthcare personnel, regulatory professionals and more — and given them access to world-class resources so they can solve problems across the entire life cycle of care. Our comprehensive expertise and service offerings span the continuum from medical device innovation, development and commercialization to advanced medical simulation training for the entire healthcare team.

It’s a complex solution that’s based on one simple idea: the patient is at the center of everything we do.