CRD I Recipients

In 2009, the Center for Biomaterials and Medicine (CBMM) announced the first recipients of its inaugural Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) grant program.  ABIA’s initial funded projects focused on patient-centered innovation and commercialization at the intersection of biomaterials and medicine:

Development of a Polymer Platform for Drug Eluting Prosthetic Devices
Judit E. Puskas, Ph.D., P.E., The University of Akron
Steve Schmidt, Ph.D., Summa Health System

Real-Time in situ Sensing of Ulnar Nerve Strain for Injury Prevention and Diagnosis
Zhenhai Xia, Ph.D., The University of Akron
Juay Seng Tan, Ph.D., The University of Akron
Nina M. Njus, M.D., Summa Health System, Summit Hand Center – Crystal Clinic Inc.

Development of Biomimetic Liquid Crystal Films for Sugar Sensing Contact Lens in Noninvasive Real-Time Diabetic Care
J. Jack Hu, Ph.D., Akron Medvision, The University of Akron
Deepak Edward, M.D., Summa Health System

Controlled Delivery System of ALK-5 Inhibitors for Suppression of Ocular Scarring after Glaucoma Filtration Surgery
Vijaykumar Sutariya, Ph.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University
Hiroshi Nakamura, MD, Ph.D., Summa Health System
Werner Geldenhuys, Ph.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University

Deep Wound Repair Utilizing Microtubular Scaffolds
Liya Yin, Ph.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University
Bi-min Zhang Newby, Ph.D., The University of Akron
William M. Chilian, Ph.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University
Robert Schweikert, M.D., Akron General Health System

Development of Delivery Mechanisms for Liquid Crystalline Pharmaceuticals Using Electrospinning
James M. Jamison, Ph.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University, Summa Health System, Kent State University
Yang H. Yun, Ph.D., The University of Akron
Vivian E.von Gruenigen, M.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University, Case Western Reserve University
Chun-che Tsai, Ph.D., Kent State University

A Basis for Normal and Abnormal Cartilage Development in Vertebrate Long Bone
William J. Landis, Ph.D., Northeast Ohio Medical University
Dennis S. Weiner, M.D., Akron Children’s Hospital

Mechanically Enhanced, Peptide Crosslinked Poly (ester urea) for Critical Bone Defect Repair
Matthew L Becker, Ph.D., The University of Akron
Matthew Graham, Ph.D., Akron Polymer Systems, Inc.
John Elias, Ph.D., Akron General Health System, Northeast Ohio Medical University
Kimberly Stakleff, Ph.D., Akron General Health System
Scott Weiner, M.D., Summa Health System