Capabilities and Initiatives

The Center for Biomaterials and Medicine (CBMM) leverages world-class polymer science and engineering to create high-value clinical applications aimed at accelerating biomedical innovation.

The Center for Biomaterials and Medicine develops high-value clinical projects that span the full research and development continuum composed of:

  • Basic Sciences
  • Translational and Pre-clinical Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Commercialization

The CBMM recruits researchers to build teams that are devoted to developing biopolymers and polymer-hybrids linked with high-value applications for the advancement of biomedical innovation. The CBMM builds teams of researchers in the following focus areas:

  • Biomaterials for orthopaedic and wound care applications
  • Polymers as coatings for implanted medical devices
  • Polymers combined with growth factors and/or seeded with cells for tissue generation and repair

The Center for Biomaterials and Medicine, alongside ABIA’s mission to pioneer the next generation of life-enhancing and life-saving innovation, has launched two research platform initiatives to accelerate biomedical research within orthopaedics and wound healing:

Biomaterials-Orthopaedics Platform

The biomaterials-orthopaedics platform focuses on the use of biomaterials, and understanding of skeletal biology to develop orthopaedic devices and technologies that improve the surgical and reconstructive outcomes for patients with bone damage.

Biomaterials-Wound Healing Platform

The biomaterials-wound healing platform focuses on creating engineered biomaterials composites for use in wound healing, as well as devices and materials to improve closure of surgical wounds.