ACC White Paper

In June 2011, we convened a group of experts from leading health organizations around the country to discuss the need for this new model of collaborated health, and strategies for building an efficient, sustainable model of care that promotes health, prevents disease, addresses gaps in the system, and increases access to high-quality services while lowering costs.  Attendees heard from local, state and national leaders about the significance of an ACC at this point in our nation’s health history.  Questions were asked and ideas shared about the means and ways in which the ACC model can contribute to a healthier, more productive, and less illness-burdened community.

This white paper introduces the concept, collaborators and stakeholders, infrastructure and mechanisms, implementation steps and metrics for assessing success of an ACC.  We are confident that the ACC model represents the future direction of health in this country, with the direct impact to improve population health, reduce health costs, and remaining competitive in a rapidly changing system.  We hope that through this white paper, we can continue the conversations and collaborations to reach the full potential of an ACC, resulting in improved community health.

Download the white paper: Healthier by Design: Creating Accountable Care Communities (PDF).