As the Value-driven Engineering effort gains momentum, you can help strengthen the movement by joining the team of American physicians, educators and engineers dedicated to making VdE the future of the American device industry. Join us at an event for Value-driven Engineering, share your thoughts with us online, or simply follow the initiative to help us build this effort.

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Keep up with the Value-driven Engineering movement. The Value-driven Engineering blog will continuously highlight the challenges, achievements and major moments in the VdE movement, as well as highlight thoughts and examples of followers from all over the nation. Read the blog.

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The Value-driven Engineering team is always looking for new thoughts, ideas or examples to further illustrate how the initiative can change medical device design of the future. Let us know what you think about the movement, so we can share it with the hundreds of American working toward a future in Value-driven Engineering. Share now.

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Support the Value-driven Engineering initiative by attending an event dedicated to its success:

Value-driven Engineering: A National Conference on Medical Innovation for U.S. Global Competitiveness.  Learn more.