Welcome to the IDEAS portal Submission Process!

Ideas submitted here will be evaluated by the engineering and technology assessment teams within ABIA’s Product Innovation and Commericalization Division¬†and the University of Akron Research Foundation in a process designed to get feedback to you quickly. Information that is submitted via this portal will be transmitted over a secure network and is governed by our Privacy Policy.

Please keep in mind that ideas that fall within our primary areas of focus are more likely to generate interest.
Submission is a four-part process:

  • Terms and Conditions: Submissions made through the IDEAS portal are initially made on a non-confidential basis. You will be asked to read and check that you understand and agree to the ISIX Terms and Conditions, or to cancel.
  • Contact Information: You will be asked to provide contact information for yourself, and your institution.
  • Share your idea: You will be asked to briefly describe your potential project, to enable us to understand and review your idea in a timely manner.
  • Submit to IDEAS portal.

After your submission, you will receive a confirmation email from ideas@abiakron.org. Within six weeks, you will get an email with our initial review. If it is determined that your idea matches our criteria, we will assign a reviewer and, if needed, request additional information. For each problem that leads to the establishment of a pilot project, the submitting party will gain the opportunity to work with ABIA, and the potential for further compensation should the idea become a commercial success.

If you have an attachment(s) to submit to the IDEAS portal that relates to your submitted idea, please upload here. You may also send your attachments through your own email to ideas@abiakron.org. Please be sure to include your project title with your attachment(s). Also, please remember that all information sent to the IDEAS portal should be non-confidential.