Human Patient Simulators

Laerdal SimMan 3G x2
SimMan 3G is a completely wireless and self-­‐contained, technically advanced human patient simulator that opens up numerous simulation possibilities for variable locations and mobility. SimMan 3G has the ability to talk, cry, sweat, vomit and bleed. To add to the realism you are able to assess breathing, pulses, convulsions, pupils and gastric distention. You can treat the SimMan 3G just like a real patient providing wound care, IV starts, CPR, defibrillation, IO access, needle decompressions, emergency cric’s and much more.

Laerdal ALS Simulator x2
Designed to meet the training requirements for medical emergencies, the ALS simulator responds to clinical interventions and targets key learning objectives including CPR, ACLS, NBC, trauma, bleeding control and first aid. By incorporating consistent simulation scenarios designed by you or our world class staff, instructors can easily integrate simulation into their clinical training curriculums helping learners make and correct their clinical errors without adverse consequences.

Laerdal Medical First Aid Training Manikin x2
First Aid Training Manikin is the perfect partner for training that focuses on the practice of first aid. Not needing any power this simulator is very portable making it easy for transportation and ideal for in-­‐situ emergency and traumatic situations. This simulator has correct landmarks and realistic chest compressions/ventilations for practicing CPR techniques and detachable trauma modules.

CAE Healthcare METIman x1
METIman is CAE Healthcare’s wireless patient simulator, built to withstand a wide variety of real-­‐life indoor or outdoor learning environments. METIman simulates true physiology automatically, without a lot of computer programming. The modeled CAE Healthcare physiology delivers a more objective learning experience while allowing instructors to focus on teaching and student performance.

Gaumard Scientific Noelle Birthing Simulator
Noelle combines the best of Gaumard’s patient care simulators with the Advanced Childbirth Simulator. It is designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during and after delivery. Some of her features include: fetal heart sounds, delivery of a resusitatable baby, realistic uterus, shoulder dystocia and leopold maneuver capabilities, realistic pulses, intubatable airway, and much more.


Gaumard Scientific Pediatric HAL
HAL is a high fidelity simulator to portray a 5-­‐year-­‐old boy – he is tether less and wireless for easy simulation in the lab or on the go. HAL is great for everything from emergency care to long term care with his amazing assessment features and realistic physical features, including facial cyanosis.

Gaumard Scientific Newborn HAL
This simulator portrays a newborn baby with his lifelike anatomical features, including facial cyanosis, an umbilical cord capable of getting a UVC, fontanels, and a fully functional tiny airway. HAL is completely wireless and tether less making him perfect for any simulation.

Laerdal Medical SimBaby x1
SimBaby is the advanced infant patient simulator used in team training for everything from routine care to critical emergencies. With realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, SimBaby is ideal for training in all aspects of infant care. SimBaby has lifelike anatomy including fontanels, torso motion for seizure simulation, pulses, realistic chest rise, and manual blood pressure capabilities.

Task Trainers

Laerdal Medical Adult Airway Management Trainer x2
Realistic practice is the key to developing proficiency in airway management skills. The Laerdal Airway Management Trainer’s lifelike upper torso and head simulates real-­‐world complications when practicing a variety of intubation, ventilation, and suction techniques.

Laerdal Medical Mr. Hurt Head Trauma Trainer x1
This simulator is a cast from an actual victim of a road accident, and presents students with a variety of trauma conditions. Comes mounted to a base but can be easily transferred to adult manikins for use in full-­‐body trauma scenarios. Some of the palpable fractures include open depressed skull fx, Le Fort I&III, nasal fx, mandibular fx, C-­‐6 vertebra fx. To add to the realism of the assessment he also has unequal pupils, Hemotympanum and a deviated trach.

Adult HeartCode® Voice Activated Manikin x6
This simulator is connected to a computer that runs the assessment piece for the American Heart Association’s HeartCode® BLS and ACLS courses. This high tech simulator has sensors built inside of it for the computer to recognize how well you are doing with your CPR skills. It will even give real time feedback and score each session to assist in making your CPR skill world class

Infant HeartCode® Voice Activated Manikin x4
This simulator is connected to a computer that runs the assessment piece for the American Heart Association’s HeartCode® BLS course. This high tech simulator has sensors built inside of it for the computer to recognize how well you are doing with your CPR skills. It will even give real time feedback and score each session to assist in making your CPR skill world class.

Blue Phantom Ultrasound Central Line Training Model x2
This ultra-­‐durable ultrasound simulator incorporates all of the anatomy required to teach, learn and practice the skills associated with central line placement, and was designed for both ultrasound guided and blind insertion procedural training. Perform complete central line placements of the internal jugular and subclavian vein -­‐ including needles, guidewires, dilation and threading of catheters.

Simulab Corp. Trauma Man x1
The TraumaMan® System is an anatomical surgical manikin that is designed for students to practice several surgical procedures. The TraumaMan System was evaluated and approved by the American College of Surgeons in 2001 as an alternative to live non-­‐ human models or cadavers for ATLS, the leading Trauma Training Course.

Simulab Corp. Lumbar Puncture / Epidural Trainer x1
This lumbar puncture simulator is an ultrasound compatible trainer that includes the lumbar vertebrae, iliac crest, spinous process, ligamentum flavum, the epidural space and dura.

Simulab Corp. Lumbar PunctureBaby x1
This pediatric lumbar puncture trainer simulates a two-­‐week-­‐old baby that can be positioned either lateral or decubitus. The body form is anatomically correct with a partial iliac crest and umbilicus. The replaceable tissue has L3 – L5 vertebrae with a partial sacrum and the gluteal crest. Each tissue includes a spinal cord filled with simulated CSF and the epidural venous plexus filled with simulated blood.

Simulab Corp. SonoMan x1
The SonoMan System provides a high-­‐tech, realistic platform for teaching students how to read diagnostic ultrasound imaging. The system includes a soft tissue body form with internal and external landmarks and a simulated probe. The torso has 258 unique probe locations providing a normal image for each window. The system’s software platform allows users to expand SonoMan’s capabilities with additional training modules.

Trucorp Airsim Baby Airway Management Trainer x1
The AirSim Baby, based on a 0-­‐6 month old, provides a realistic and anatomically correct pediatric manikin for airway management training. The manikin facilitates training in the use of bag/mask ventilation, supraglottic airway insertion and both naso and orotracheal intubation.

Simply Sim Lecat’s Ventriloscope
Lecat’s Ventriloscope looks like a stethoscope but has a receiver box between the headpiece and the chest piece. That receiver is connected wirelessly to a remote control used by an actor who’s portraying a patient during a mock examination. The sounds that the student hears through his stethoscope during the exam mimic those of actual medical conditions, and are controlled by the actor or the instructor.

Additional medical equipment available for courses includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ohmeda Infant Warmer
  • Airshields Infant Incubator
  • Stryker 5010 Birthing Bed
  • Stryker Renassance Series Bed
  • Pedigot 540 Bed
  • TransMotion Medical TMM4 Series stretcher-chairs
  • EMS Style stretcher
  • Alaris SE single and double channel IV pumps
  • Level 1 Fluid warmer and pressure infuser
  • Baxter AS50 syringe pumps -­‐ Putitan Bennett 840 and 760 Ventilators
  • Datex-­Ohmeda Excel 210SE Anesthesia Machine
  • Ritter 355 Exam Lights
  • Siemans Sonoline S1-400 Ultrasound Machine
  • Shimadzu SDU350A Ultrasound Machine
  • Marquette Eagle 4000 Patient Monitors
  • Physiocontrol Life Pak 12 Patient Monitors
  • King Vision Portable Video Laryngoscopes
  • Airtraq disposable guided video intubation system
  • Ambu aScopes
  • Ambu ACTion Block Pain Pump
  • Ambu ACTion Fuser Pain Pump
  • Leisegang Colposcopes
  • Schiller AT-2plus 12 lead ECG Machine