When it comes to perfecting surgical skills, there’s no substitute for practicing in the most realistic environment possible.

The BioSkills Lab – equipped with nine integrated surgical bays and cutting-edge technology – is an ideal venue for complex, collaborative training for healthcare professionals to develop or hone new surgical techniques. Additionally, medical device manufacturers can utilize the Lab to teach established procedures or conduct preclinical product development research and focus groups to directly observe products in use, arming them with crucial data for device education and improvements. The lab can be set up for general or minimally invasive surgery, and, with a capacity of 40 learners, the space seamlessly accommodates teams of all sizes.

When utilized in combination with a didactic session, healthcare providers or clinicians can transform their theoretical knowledge into technical skills by conducting hands-on procedures in the BioSkills Lab.

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The BioSkills Lab features:
  • 5,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space
  • Lead instructor station equipped with multimedia broadcast capabilities
  • Nine surgical bays with LED surgical lighting
  • Complete tissue sourcing, preparation, storage and disposition
  • Allows for the use of whole, fresh frozen cadavers
  • Male and female showers/locker rooms
  • A secure access facility
  • Ground level loading dock and instrument/equipment storage area

CSIHE employs experienced leaders in performance assessment and outcomes measurement who can guide course planning and research protocol development and execution. Our interactive, education-focused workshops involving simulated models and cadaveric specimens allows for consistency and reproducibility, while providing a framework for evaluation of techniques, procedures and devices in a risk-free environment.

And, thanks to the comprehensive nature of our audio-visual capabilities and broadcasting technology, practitioners at institutions across the city or across the globe can watch and interact with Lab simulations via live feed. Our advanced web-based learning management system with recording capabilities is also a useful tool for curriculum building, documentation, debriefing and learning.

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