ABIA Celebrates Inaugural Innovation Day

Leaders of the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron gathered Friday to hear updates on the work being done by numerous participants in the institute’s Collaborative Research and Development Grant and Technology Development Fund initiatives. The day-long program featured short talks by a representative from each project, as well as time for audience questions and discussions of proof of concepts or prototypes being developed.

The event’s keynote address was delivered by BioOhio President and CEO Anthony Dennis. Additional highlights included a talk on the “Akron BioInvestments Funds” by Dr. Zev Gurion, of the Akron BioMedical Corridor, and a speech on “The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” from JumpStart President John Dearborn.

Those presenting and their topics included:

  • Quantitative Analysis of Growth Factors in “Waste Water” from the Reamer Irrigator Aspirator – Dr. Eric Miller
  • Neurosim – Dr. Michael Holder, Dr. Rami Ahmed
  • Intubation Mouth Guard – Jason C. Schmidt
  • Deep Wound Repair Utilizing Microtubular Scaffolds – Dr. Bi-Min Newby
  • Computational Reconstruction of In Vivo Function: Application to Pediatric Patellofemoral Instability – Dr. John Elias
  • PacerMan – Scott Atkinson, Dr. Rami Ahmed
  • Drug Eluting Polymer Platform for Prosthetic Devices – Dr. Judit E. Puskas
  • The Accountable Care Community Implementation: A Self-Management Diabetes Initiative – An Innovative Application of Advanced Research Methodology and Statistical Analyses – Dr. Jennifer L.S. Teller, Michael Steiner
  • Handling Microvolumes – Michael Singer, Christine Flick
  • Delivery of BMP Peptide Fragments Using Multivalent Hydroxyapatite-binding Dendrons – Dr. Matthew Becker
  • APTO Orthopedics – Dr. Todd Ritzman, Dr. Steve Fening
  • Akron General Health System Healthpoint VLU Investigator-initiated Protocol and Clinical Trial – Dr. Judy Fulton, Dr. Stanley C. McDermott
  • Mechanically Enhanced Polyester Urea for Critical Bone Defect Repair – Dr. Matthew Becker, Dr. Kimberly Stakle¬
  • A Tissue-Engineered Model of Tendon to Bone Healing in the Human Digit – Dr. William J. Landis
  • High Frequency Stimulation for Reduced Collateral Damage During Electrosurgery – Dr. Erik D. Engleberg