ABIA and its founding member The University of Akron (UA) sponsor the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (WEP) which shapes and builds the strengths and capabilities of woman entrepreneurs. The program, which brings together individuals with technology expertise in the biomedical, medical device and alternative energy sectors and individuals with the drive and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to      launch a business, aims to increase the number of woman entrepreneurs in the biomedical and alternative energy fields, and to facilitate the commercialization of technology projects in Akron, Ohio.

This unique course takes place through The University of Akron College of Business Administration for a total of three credit hours.  The course also features presentations by both national and local guest speakers, and is guided by the Kauffman Foundations’ FastTrac® TechVenture™ program which leads students through the intricacies of forming a technology or life science company.  The course consists of a comprehensive curriculum, mentoring by industry leaders and real-world experience.

The WEP is another initiative focused on fostering collaboration among groups in the Akron area including universities, hospitals and businesses and builds on other successful programs. Additionally, the program will take advantage of ABIA’s unique ability to support early-stage endeavors.