Partnership Opportunities

The ABIA partnership offers entrepreneurs, individuals, communities and industry a diverse line of programs and services including:

Nationally Recognized Innovation and Entrepreneurship Process

ABIA is a recognized innovation leader and its Innovative Solutions for Invention Xceleration (ISIX) method, in collaboration with The University of Akron Research Foundation, has been heralded by the U.S. Commerce Department, National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation as one of the nation's best approaches to technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. The method works by bringing together scientists, physicians, engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs in the biomedical devices and materials space to help start-up companies and existing companies enhance business competitiveness, quality, cost-effectiveness, productivity and expand offerings to new markets.

Groundbreaking Simulation Center & Training

The 30,000-square foot ABIA facility offers pioneering technologies and procedures to improve the function of health provider teams and early responders in a controlled environment. The new facility is a combination of research, product development and training space unique to Ohio. On site, the offerings range from a mock hospital with fully configurable replica bays and command stations to a distinct cadaveric lab and standardized patient rooms. With the only mobile training unit in Northeast Ohio, ABIA is able to take its high-quality, immersive healthcare training to various locations.

Open Innovation Partnerships for Life Science and Materials Products

The Akron Functional Materials Center, a joint effort between ABIA and The University of Akron, works with global companies and investigators in biomaterials and polymers through a collection of open source, high-tech facilities and tools to assist with the design, development and fabrication for human health products. Its technical areas include nanomaterials, complex fluids, biomaterials, adhesion, membranes and automation.

Unique BioSkills Lab

The hands-on BioSkills Lab offers educators, clinicians and industry the opportunity to refine skills and apply new techniques with fresh frozen cadaveric materials. The BioSkills Lab can be utilized by numerous medical and engineering specialties to work on more streamlined and effective procedures, as well as allowing for the efficient training of industry sales and design teams.

Clinical Development & Regulatory Services

ABIA offers regulatory strategy development assistance for medical devices, drugs or combination products. It develops clinical trials protocols and helps place clinical trials of new therapies from major pharmaceutical and device companies with our partner hospitals.

Rapid Prototype Design & Development

ABIA accelerates technology development to drive ideas from concept to commercialization and clinical use. Services offered include, but are not limited to, biomedical engineering expertise, rapid prototype development, proof of concept, comprehensive market and intellectual property analysis, in vivo studies, and technology commercialization support.

Comprehensive Approach to Improve Community Health

The Accountable Care Community concept is a holistic, community-based public health and treatment approach to reducing the burden of disease and healthcare cost in the community. This focus on public health seeks to bring together diverse groups of public and private partners working on an “all hands on deck” method. ABIA also offers customizable health needs assessment and strategic consulting services to assist communities develop sound action plans and strategies.

Value-driven Approach to Medical Device Development

Value-driven Engineering is a new national approach to medical device development that embraces simplicity. This focus on developing patient-centered, innovative medical devices seeks to enhance clinical function and reduce complexity for the user, as well as improve cost efficiency for the healthcare system. At a time when payers and providers are debating what will and should be paid for, Value-driven Engineering provides innovators and companies with an exceptional competitive edge in the global market. ABIA’s Usability Lab helps companies assess the clinical utility and simplicity of their devices.